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Typo-technological and functional aspects of bamboo and cane crafts of the Maos and the Poumais

Corresponding Author: Lorho Mary Maheo, Associate Professor, P.G Dept. of Anthropology, D.M.C. of Science, Imphal, Email:

Lorho Mary Maheo
Department of Anthropology, D.M.C. of Science, Imphal, Manipur

DOI: 06.2021-82193527
DOI Link :: Anthropology/V9/A6


Frontier Anthropology, 2020, 9: 43-53
©Anthropological Society of Manipur


KEYWORDS Bamboo, basketry, Maos, Poumais, Manipur, function and techniques.

ABSTRACT Bamboo, the poor man’s timber, is one of the most indispensable plants for the Maos and the Poumais, who inhabit the northernmost part of Manipur state in India. The whole plant is utilised for different purposes, of which basketry is the main focus. The present study has been undertaken to document the various types of baskets, techniques employed, and the functional aspects of various items. Observation and interview techniques are used in collecting data. Some major types of this craft are baskets for carrying, measuring, storing and straining besides being used as containers. Major techniques employed in basketry works of the two communities include weaving/checking, twilling, twining and open hexagonal. Functionally all are used for socio-economic and religious purposes.

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