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Gender Role in Different Activities Found Among the Mao People of Makhel Village, Senapati District, Manipur

Corresponding Author: Khaidem Anita Devi, Dhanamanjuri University, Imphal, India, Email:

Khaidem Anita Devi
Department of Anthropology, Dhanamanjuri University, Imphal

DOI: 06.2021-32796388
DOI Link :: Anthropology/V9/A4


Frontier Anthropology, 2020, 9: 27-33
©Anthropological Society of Manipur


KEYWORDS Gender role, behaviour, hunting, fishing, agriculture, religion.

ABSTRACT Gender role refers to the differential participation of males and females in the various social, economic, political, and religious institutions of a cultural group. It is these gender roles that define the culturally appropriate behaviour of a particular community. This paper attempts to explore the Gender roles in different activities among the Mao people of Makhel village, Senapati District, Manipur, India. Personal interview, survey, and observation methods were used for the collection of data. Necessary photographs were also collected to supplement the data. The study revealed that both men and women take responsibilities in different spheres of their livelihood. Women mainly engaged in household activities, taking care of babies and family members. There are certain restrictions for women in hunting, village organisation, rituals. At the same time, women participated in different activities where men take the leading role based on their physical strength, such as agriculture, fishing, and alike. Gender role among the Mao tribe depicts complementary gender role of both sexes, in conforming to the traditional value against the socialization process.

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