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Traditional Salt Making System in Manipur: The case of Ningel Village

Corresponding Author: Ningombam Santosh Kumar, Research Scholar, Deptt of Anthropology, Manipur University Email:

Ningombam Santosh Kumar
Department of Anthropology, Manipur University, Imphal

DOI: 06.2021-38481719
DOI Link :: Anthropology/V9/A2


Frontier Anthropology, 2020, 9: 11-15
©Anthropological Society of Manipur


KEYWORDS division of labour, Meitei, Ningel, salt cake, salt production

ABSTRACT Salt is an essential compound, and salt manufacturing has been associated with humans from early times. It has become such an invaluable part of human communities and economies throughout the world that it is produced, consumed, and traded worldwide. This paper attempts to document and study the traditional salt production system of the Ningel village, Thoubal District, Manipur. Different stages of salt production and labour division associated were examined and recorded through observation and unstructured interviews. A census survey of all households practising salt making was also conducted to draw the similarities and dissimilarities prevalent among those involved in its production. The importance of traditional salt cake in the Meitei society is well known for its use as an essential item in socio-religious purposes and an important trade item in the early days.

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